Bernd A. Hartwig (*1970) is a Cologne/Dresden based german visual artist.

After his baccalaureate he worked over a year at the Salvation Army in Hamburg, St-Pauli (community service), followed by a short detour into the world of business economics, which he finished with a diploma in business economics. Working as a controller at Metro Group in Düsseldorf, Germany, he decided to pursue his grafic vocation.

Thus, in 1997 he began studying communications design in Wuppertal. Here, he focused on graphic arts, studying with Uwe Lösch, Siegfried Maser, Bazon Brock and Norbert Thomas inter alia. He finished with a diploma in 2003 on the subject of “silence”.

From 2001 on he worked as an art director both as full-time employee and free-lancer for different agencies, editorial groups and companies such as herrbrammen, Zeit-Verlag, Lufthansa, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe and for his own clients in the areas of culture, fashion and lifestyle. His overall focus is on image, visual identity and editorialdesign.

Since 2017 he is resident Grafik-Designer of the Semperoper Dresden.

In his free works Hartwig focuses on graphics, sound and performance.